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B. Wilson Parnell


Britney Wilson Parnell is an inspiring fantasy fiction writer from Oakland California who crafts epic stories based on true life. She is a bold writer who does not shy away from difficult themes that most writers find uncomfortable.

Currently living in the North Bay, the 34-year-old is constantly aware of what goes on in her surroundings since that’s where she draws her inspiration. Her stories portray her ambition and adventure. As a scholar, Britney attained her BA in Liberal Arts with an emphasis on Social Behavioral Science, A minor in Dance, BA in Healthcare Administration and her Certification in many medical fields. These are just a few hats up her sleeve. Her education doesn't stop there.This led to her career as an Administration Manager,CMA/Ophthalmic Technician/ Choreographer.  In addition, she is a well-rounded person who is enthusiastic about art and creativity. She fell in love with dancing at the age of  9, She began teaching Hip Hop dance at the age of 15 and hasn't stopped since. 

When she is not writing, Britney loves spending time with her daughter with whom she engages in fun activities like dance and arts & crafts. She enjoys listening to music and her best moments are in the company of her family.

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